Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

The vision of New Cross Christian Centre is inspired by our motto:

“Love. Serve. Encounter.”

We endeavor to reach our local community with the Christian message of the Love of Jesus Christ. We go all-out to Serve each other and our local community and we make every effort to help each other and our community to Encounter Jesus in an intimate and dynamic way!

We will accomplish our vision through:

  • Celebratory worship
  • Relevant teaching
  • Outreach Events for
  • Small Groups
  • Ministry involvement
  • Prayer focus


Our Values

  1. We believe in a high view of God where His greatness permeates all of life. Such a perspective brings joy and freedom and will preserve us from pettiness and small thinking. Therefore we will promote and encourage an intimate and growing relationship with Jesus.
  2. We believe that lost people matter to God. Therefore we will involve ourselves in the lives of others with a view to the extension of God’s kingdom on earth.
  3. We believe that “heart change” leads to “life change” and this happens from the perspective of grace rather than in the pursuit of obedience to rules and regulations. We will therefore work to create an atmosphere of grace and acceptance in all that we do.
  4. We believe that true community is what God intended for His church and is best achieved in small groups. Therefore we will strive to make New Cross Christian Centre a relationship-driven church and make the life-group ministry an integral part of the programming.
  5. We believe in the priority of worship and the joyful, contemporary celebration of our faith. Therefore humor and laughter will flavour our ministry and programs and we will provide opportunities for people to connect with God in celebrative worship and do regular “heart- checks” through communion.
  6. We believe that both women and men were created uniquely by God and that each person is gifted to serve the Body of Christ. Therefore we will strive to ensure that their roles within the church are based on spiritual giftedness rather than gender.
  7. We believe the Bible is authoritative, culturally relevant and life-changing when it is taught in a Spirit-anointed way. Therefore we will strive for relevance and the Spirit’s power in our teaching program.
  8. We believe in passing the torch of faith to the next generation. Therefore we will place a high priority on equipping and involving our youth in all areas of the activities of the church.
  9. We believe that the Holy Spirit has gifted every believer for ministry. Therefore we will establish programs for people to discover their spiritual gifts and will provide opportunities to serve in their areas of giftedness.
  10. We believe in “teamwork” in all areas of ministry. We will therefore consider each ministry team as an opportunity to stretch individuals towards spiritual maturity.