Remember The Census Deadline Is – Sunday 21st March

Hey Friends!

Census Day is approaching – its Sunday 21st March – and there is a potential £1,000 fine for non-completion

Every household will now have received a letter with a 16 digit unique access code for accessing an on-line form. However, people without digital skills or on-line access can complete a paper form.

To get one, call the free number 0800 876 6276 which has an automated message which asks for the ten digit reference number on the top right hand corner of the census letter which is linked to the address so they know where to send the paper form.

The form can be completed anytime up to the middle of May but should record whoever was staying in the property overnight on Sunday 21st March.

A free number 0800 141 2021 can also provide access to the telephone capture service which allows answers to be dictated to an official operator. If anyone needs help in another language, please call the free number 0800 587 2021.

Please let someone know if you are having trouble completing your Census.

From the team at NCCC


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