#PresidentElect #DonaldTrump

Good morning!

There’s a saying in the UK “A week is a long time in politics”. That’s so true! This week we have gone from people predicting that Hillary Clinton would definitely win to having President Elect Donald Trump.

I know this was a result that not everyone was expecting but here’s two things to be thankful for:

  • There are still countries that allow the people to choose how their governments are run and who runs them.
  • Jesus always has our best interests at heart so we can be confident that we “…can do all things through Christ…” (Phil 4:13) who strengthens us.


Prayer points

So here are a few ideas of what we could pray:

  • The American people are able to move on and move forward in a positive way
  • The divisions that were created during the toxic presidential campaign are healed
  • The USA becomes UNITED again in a constructive way
  • Those who were disappointed will find strength and comfort in Jesus Christ
  • The riots will stop and no one will get hurt

These are just some ideas. Can you think of any more?


New Cross Christian Centre




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