We’re Not Here Again! But here’s the latest sermon!

Hi friends, We’ll be back next week! Here’s the latest sermon in our latest series on Biblical Leaders in case you missed it! If you want to join our Facebook page and watch sermons more than a week old follow this link Blessings! 🙏🏼✝️

Well Be Right Back – But You Can Still Watch Us Online Now!

Hey friends, Due to unforeseen circumstances we’ve had to cancel church today. But don’t worry we’ll be right back next week. In the meantime here’s a fan favourite from September, topic: “3 Ways The Devil Tempts Men”. ⬇️⬇️ Don’t forget to visit our Online Church page or our Facebook page to watch previous sermons.

We’re on #Twitter @ncccofficial !

Hello friends, Just to update you we are now on Twitter @ncccofficial follow us for news and other fun updates! Hello Twitter! #myfirstTweet — NewCrossChristianCtr (@ncccofficial) January 4, 2017 Feel free to also check us out on: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn or feel free to email us at: info@newcrosschristiancentre.com   New Cross Christian Centre